Due to the COVID-19 crises our upcoming IQ tests have been cancelled for now. As soon as we can again see how things will evolve, we will display the new dates here.

Why an online test?

The online test does not give you your IQ, and does not, on its own, qualify you for a Mensa membership. However it is useful to evaluate your chances to pass the actual Mensa IQ test. It is free, and you can pass it online.


We strongly recommend to respect the rules of the test. There is no reason to cheat as this is only for yourself to allow you to judge by yourself whether it is worthwhile to attend the official supervised Mensa IQ test.

These are the rules:

  • This test should take no more than 20 minutes.
  • You must do it alone.
  • You should do this test only once

The interactive test

The simplest way to reach the pre-test is on the Internet. The test is explained in Luxemburgish, English, German and French. At the end of the online test you will receive the result.


What do I do with the results?

If you did the test online and did well, you may participate in an official session.

(Our online test has recently been featured in a prominent position on Google Canada. While we are happy for the publicity, we'd like to point out that this is Mensa Luxembourg and Luxembourg is also where our official tests are taking place. Fortunately, Mensa is a worldwide organization, and there is certainly a Mensa close to you. See Mensa International's site for a complete list. Mensa Canada is www.mensacanada.org)