The next IQ tests are on October 21st, 2023 (official tests for grown-ups & teenagers) at 10 am and on November 11th, 2023 (children up to 10 years)

Mensa organizes, twice a year, a group IQ test for children aged 10 and over (children aged 9 and over can participate on request). This is the regular Mensa IQ test which adults also take part in. More information is available below.

For children aged 6 to 10 years, another group IQ test takes place twice a year, which is also monitored and graded by a psychologist.

For younger kids (less than 6 years old), a group test would not work. However it is possible to have them tested individually by a psychologist (from +/- 4 years old, it doesn't make sense before). A list of psychologists whose scope of practice includes the intellectual giftedness of small children is available on request (Email

Mensa IQ Test: General Information

The Mensa IQ test is a standardized and multi-phase test which is supervised by a psychologist, and which is primarily aimed at finding gifted people. A score greater than or equal to that of 98% of the population confers you the right to become a member of Mensa ( and This test does not contain any question on general culture. It rather tests the logical and mathematical skills and abilities (the speed of information processing, analysis and synthesis , attention to detail, etc..). If the candidate fails to obtain the required score to become a member of Mensa Luxembourg, he may try the test a second time free of charge.

This test is organized twice a year by Mensa Luxembourg. The date and place can be found on this site, in the yellow box on top of each page. It is not necessary to register in advance for the Mensa IQ test for adults and young people over 10 years old.

Special Information about the IQ test for children (6 to 10 years)

This test is intended for children aged from 6 to 10 years on the day of the test. Children which are older than 10 years may take, on request, the adult test.

As this test does not contain any question on general culture and does not take into account the academic nor the verbal knowledge of the child, it gives equal opportunities to "good" and "bad" students. There is no need for preparation nor training. The child does not need to be able to read or write. The explanations are given in Luxembourgish and, if needed, translated to German, French, and English.

The test takes about half an hour. This test is graded by age brackets and is taken in 2 groups. The distribution into the groups depends on the age of the children and on the number of registrations, thus the starting time of the test can only be communicated after the closing of the registrations.

The price of 40 € is payable in cash on the spot, before the test.

The results will be mailed within 2-4 weeks after the test. It's useless to ask for results on phone or e-mail

Compulsory Registration for the kids' IQ test.

Registration is required (only at the email address During registration please provide the following information:

  • Last name and first name,
  • Gender and date of birth of the child,
  • Full postal address for mailing the results,
  • Name of the parent(s), phone numbers, mobile phone number of the parent who brings the child to the test,
  • Email address of the parent(s),
  • Mother tongue and other languages ​​that the child understands,
  • the nationality of the child,
  • Has the child ever taken an IQ test before?
  • If yes, which one, when was it, and what was the result?
  • Useful information about your child, if these could influence the proceeding of the test (for instance, child doesn't hear well or only on one ear, must take medications, or other peculiarities...).
  • Language of the test: Luxembourgish, German, French or English?

COMPULSORY REGISTRATION valid only as: ONLINE Registration at: (starting September 27th, 2023)

THE FORM must be filled in or handed in at the reception desk on the day of the test!

Additional information is available by email